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By Sheldon Bray

Fitness ball exercises have come a long way since the 90s and personal trainers in Brisbane agree that fitness ball exercises can help various parts of the body. People in Brisbane often benefit from fitness ball exercises since these exercises help them to lose weight and tone their muscles. This article will elaborate on a few tips and techniques that personal trainers in Brisbane will implement while helping clients use the fitness ball.

Before beginning exercises using the fitness ball personal trainers in Brisbane will ensure that you have stretched for at least 5 minutes. Stretching muscles before using the fitness or medicine ball ensures that your muscles do not get cramped while using the ball. Stretching exercises also warm up the body which helps you burn more calories while using the fitness ball. The personal trainer will also ensure that the ball is properly inflated so that the client can properly support himself on the ball. Fitness balls that are not properly inflated do not serve the purpose since they do not support the weight of the client while he exercises. Fitness balls that are properly inflamed are firm to touch.

The medicine ball is one of the most useful exercise equipments since this ball ensures that your back, neck and knees do not get strained while exercising. The fitness ball prevents injuries related to stressing out muscles and it also prevents injuries related to overdoing weights. Clients who have a weak back may be asked to use a back support belt. Fitness balls should definitely be used with caution but when used right these balls can improve flexibility and muscle tone. After using a fitness ball it is important to do cool down exercises since using an exercise ball can be strenuous for many people. Many people think that exercise balls do not provide a high intensity workout but personal trainers will tell you otherwise since the fitness ball actually is very useful.

Your personal trainer will ask you to balance yourself on the ball so that the ball does not move and then he or she will ask you to perform the desired exercise. There are a variety of exercises that can be performed using the medicine or exercise ball. One of the good exercises many personal trainers in Brisbane ask their clients to perform involves exercising the buttocks and hamstrings. To perform this exercise the client has to lean over the ball placing his hands flat on the floor and he will also need to place his knees on the floor. The client then pushes up one of his legs while bending his knees while steadying the ball with his body weight. This exercise should be repeated 10 times in 2 - 3 sets but depending on your fitness level and regime your personal trainer in Brisbane will ask you to do more or less repetitions.

There are various abdominal exercises that can be performed with the fitness ball. The most basic abdominal exercise consists of the client balancing his lower back on the ball while keeping his feet firmly on the floor. Personal trainers in Brisbane often stand by the client and watch him perform this basic exercise before allowing him to practice more complex exercises since this exercise teaches the client how to balance himself on the ball. While balancing yourself on the ball your personal trainer will ask you to put your weight evenly on the ball and to place your feet firmly on the ground so that the ball doesn't shift. Most personal trainers show the exercise before allowing their client to do it and they also make sure that the client does it properly to avoid injury of any kind.

One of the popular exercises that many personal trainers in Brisbane ask their clients to perform is the twisting exercise. This exercise requires the client to stand straight while holding the fitness ball in front of his chest. The client needs to keep his arms straight and he then has to twist sideways while keeping his feet apart. While performing this exercise the client needs to twist his waist and not his hips. This exercise works out the obliques, arms and abs simultaneously. Depending on your fitness levels your trainer will ask you to perform 10 repetitions and 3 - 4 sets of this exercise. - 31828

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Abdominal Exercises Help You Lose Fat On Your Tummy.

By Richard

If you have heard about the benefits of personal trainers then you must be well aware that personal training is much better than working out by yourself in a gym. Personal trainers help clients perform exercises better and they keep the client motivated till the client reaches his goal. There are many personal trainers in Adelaide who can help you meet your goal of losing weight, toning your body or build muscles. These trainers are trained to help you out with various exercises like abdominal exercises, back exercises and arm exercises so that you can meet your goal as soon as possible. The following paragraphs will elaborate on a few ways personal trainers in Adelaide can help you with abdominal exercise.

Abdominal exercises not only help you lose fat on your tummy but these exercises also help you gain strength in your abdominal region. Most people who perform abdominal exercises on their own often feel that they do not get maximum benefits since they do not have any one to correct them. Personal trainers in Adelaide can help you out with abdominal exercises by watching over you while you work out and correcting you when you do something wrong. These personal trainers have been trained to spot a wrong movement and they know how to correct any wrong movement.

People who perform abdominal exercises on their own are prone to neck injuries and back injuries since they do not perform the exercises correctly. Personal trainers in Adelaide will make sure that you perform the exercises properly and they will show you safe ways to exercises. Most personal trainers perform the exercises and show the client how it is done so that the client understands the right movements. Personal trainers act as spotters which means that they make sure that you perform the exercises well and you do not hurt yourself while you do the exercises.

Most people who are new to exercising find it hard to continue exercising their abdominal region after a few days since abdominal exercises seem uninteresting to most people. Personal trainers motivate clients to continue working out without taking a long break and they remind you of your goals. Since you will be selecting a personal trainer in Adelaide who is located close to your place, you always have an option to phone or meet the trainer in case you have any questions. It is important to note that some personal trainers do not entertain queries when they are not with you but if you have something important to ask then they will most likely be willing to help you. If your personal trainer in Adelaide does not entertain questions outside the scheduled time then you can note down all your questions and ask your trainer while he is with you. Many personal trainers in Adelaide take the time to explain to clients the purpose of performing a certain exercise and they also explain to the client the best way to perform that exercise.

People who work out on their own often forget to sip water in between exercises and this leads them to feel tired fast. Personal trainers ensure that you take rest in between exercises and that you sip small amounts of water so that you remain hydrated. Depending on the package you have signed up for your trainer may be offering you a customized diet. If you have signed up for a customized diet then your personal trainer in Adelaide will explain to you the benefits of eating certain food and the disadvantages of eating certain foods. He or she will design a diet that will be easy to follow and healthy for you. People who want to build abdominal muscles often take the wrong amounts of protein shakes. Your personal trainer will help you understand how much protein shake you should take, at what times and he will also tell you about alternate ways to take the shakes if you don't like taking them a certain way.

Due to all the reasons mentioned above personal trainers can definitely help you perform abdominal exercises well. If you feel that you want to reach your goal fast then you should consider searching for a personal trainer in Adelaide who is known to deliver results. - 31828

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Learning Kick Boxing with Personal Trainers in Brisbane

By Sheldon Bray

Kickboxing is a sport that consists of combining the methods used in boxing along with kicking. This sport is often used by women to protect themselves from others and many women in cities like Brisbane opt for these sports. Since this sport cannot be learned by reading a book or watching a video it is important for you to find a good personal trainer in Brisbane to help you learn kick boxing. This article will help you understand the basics of kick boxing and what you can expect from your personal trainer in Brisbane.

Kickboxing styles can be distinguished based on the region they originate from. The main kickboxing styles include the Japanese style, American style and European style. While searching for a personal trainer in Brisbane it is important for you to select a trainer who has experience in teaching your preferred style.

The American style of Kick boxing is often used by personal trainers in Brisbane. In the American style the two opponents are allowed to hit each other using their fists and feet. Strikes are allowed only above the hip and not below. Striking the opponent by using of some of the body parts like elbows, shins and knees is completely forbidden in this style.

The European style of Kick boxing is also used by many personal trainers in Brisbane. In this particular kick boxing style there are three main sub categories. The first sub category consists of using force and speed to defeat their opponent. This technique is known as semi contact. Both hand and foot techniques are given equal importance in this type of kick boxing. Movements like punches and kicks are allowed but they are strictly controlled. The second sub category of kick boxing is known as medium contact and in this method punching and kicking is allowed. The third kick boxing sub category is known as full contact method and the main aim of this method is to beat down the opponent using all the possible hand and feet moves.

Like all other sports your personal trainer will be first teach you basics of kick boxing and as your form improves he will start teaching you advance techniques. All kickboxing personal trainers in Brisbane start with teaching the right way to stand and the right way to kick. Some of the common kicking techniques that will be taught to you include the front kick and side kick. In the front kick technique your personal trainer in Brisbane will teach you how to kick the face or chest of the opponent using the hell of your foot. Since the side kick technique is more complicated, your coach will teach you this technique only after you have mastered the basics. Other foot techniques that will be taught to you include semi circular kick, circle kick, jumping back kick and jumping side kick.

After you have learned the correct posture and correct leg movements you will be taught the right arm movements. Once you have learned the basics your trainer will then teach you basic hand techniques like jab, punching, upper cut and cross. The jabbing movement consists of moving your arm in a straight direction to either the head or feet of the opponent. Depending on the style of kick boxing you choose your personal trainer in Brisbane may also teach you cross counter techniques, half hook techniques, overhand techniques and half swing techniques. Some special hand techniques that may be taught to you include the straight short punch, the flying punch and the back fist.

The reason many people in Brisbane opt for personal kick boxing training is because they have noticed that this sport cannot be learned without the guidance of a trained professional. Personal trainers in Brisbane have been trained so that they can help you learn kick boxing easily. Many people who have learned kickboxing from professional trainers feel that without a proper coach they would have given up on the sport within a week of starting. If you are interested in learning how to kick box to protect yourself then you should consider finding a local trainer who has the expertise and knowledge required. - 31828

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The Contra Costa Boot Camp Workout Is A Great Way To Kick Start Your Commitment To Fitness

By Ben Pate

Obesity is an epidemic that is running rampant not only in the United States, but across the globe. There comes a time in everyone's life where they have to make a decision to get their weight back under control and start to live a healthier lifestyle. Getting started is not always easy, but the Contra Costa weight loss boot camp offers that little extra push to get things rolling.

The name is something that can definitely be scary, but you don't have to worry about any drill sergeant standing over the attendees screaming at them to get them up the hill. The camp is meant to provide motivation and knowledge about how to eat and exercise properly. Regardless of how fit or unfit you are, everyone can benefit from the program.

The program is a daily workout regimen that lasts for four weeks. However, this program is more about running around in the woods. The camp is set up with nutritionists and sports personal trainers that will help train its members on every aspect of working out properly and setting up a diet that will get them healthy again.

Women who want to lose weight will often fall victim to one of the many weight loss scams that are out on the market. Let us make one thing very clear here, sustained weight loss will never happen quickly. Any diet that sheds massive amounts of weight over a very short period of time will end up doing more harm than good.

The one way to take weight off and keep it off is to eat right and get some type of exercise every day. Amazingly enough, there does not really have to be a massive time commitment to stay in shape. It may take some effort to get there, but the maintenance aspect of it is pretty simple. This is where the Contra Costa Boot Camp will help in setting up that program and offer motivation to keep it going.

Nutritional counseling is beneficial because the average person simply has no idea what foods are good for them and which ones are not. There is so much bad information out there because companies will make anything sound great so that they can sell it. Swedish fish are fat free, but can you have a diet that is nothing but them and expect to lose weight?

So what can you expect from this boot camp in terms of workouts and commitment? The camp is held every day, Monday through Friday, for about an hour. After a few weeks, people can really start to see their results and it is not out of the question to lose 2-3 pounds a week. This is a great weight loss rate and because of the exercise and nutrition changes, the weight will stay off as long as you stick with the program. - 31828

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The Impact Running Has on Muscles

By Cliff Pape

People usually have two main reason why they run for exercise. They usually run to burn fat, and improve their cardio conditioning. Running however, impacts the body in other ways. One area usually overlooked is its impact on muscles.

Running can definitely have an impact on the body, and it can be positive or negative depending on how you go about the process. When you are running, you will need to use the proper method of running that will improve and enhance you muscles in a positive manner.

You impact all the muscles groups in the body when you run, it does not just affect the legs like most assume. So when you are running to workout, you are developing your body as well. You will burn excess fat, because running is known for shredding fat like few other exercises can. This is why many runners have such a desirable and amazing physique.

However, it is important to point out that when you overdo it with running, you can end up burning your own muscles as fuel. This means you will end up decreasing the amount of muscle mass you carry. Why does this occur? The reason is that when you run for too long of a duration or with too elevated of a heart rate, your body will opt to shift from primarily burning carbs and fat and into the realm of burning muscle.

When this happens, the result on a physique can be disastrous. Specifically, the runner can end up with a very thin physique with literally no muscle mass. Clearly, that is not the look people would want to embody in their appearance.

Of course, there are ways out there to avoid burning muscle when you run. First way being cutting the duration of your workouts. Also, training in aerobics heart rate stage opposed to anaerobic stage is advisable. This is a safer way to train since anaerobic training results in an incredibly high heart rate.

Increase protein intake is also highly advised when you are running. Muscle is a form of protein, and adding protein will ensure muscle mass in maintained. Just make sure not to overdo it with protein shakes since they have a high calorie count.

And it does not hurt to add a little weightlifting to your workout routine. If running burns up muscle, you can always lift heavy weights to rebuild some of the muscle mass that has been lost. You do not even have to lift an enormous amount of weight as even moderate amounts can deliver excellent results. - 31828

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Why You Should Consider An East Bay Sports Personal Trainer

By Ben Pate

Becoming and staying fit should be one of your top priorities as it can really affect your health. Staying healthy is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself. There are a great many benefits to exercise such as health, less stress, less depression, more energy and so on. If you have trouble motivating yourself to do some exercise, then you may be able to benefit from the services of an East Bay Sports Personal Trainer.

If you are already a member of a gym, they might have exercise personal trainer that are included with the price of your membership or for an additional fee. These trainers are normally fine, but you may consider hiring one externally in order to find one that meets all your requirements. Before you hand over a lot of money for your training sessions you want to feel confident that the trainer is going to give you what you need.

First and foremost you want to know that your personal trainer knows what they are talking about. Check up on their qualifications so you know that what they are getting you to do is based on real knowledge. Some trainers will have done short training courses, which are fine, and others may even have completed university degrees in biometrics or something similar.

Talk to your potential new trainer about the type of experience that they have. They may even have a specialization in an area of health or exercise that suits your needs well. If you find a trainer like this, they will be able to put together a program using specialized knowledge to improve your results with their training.

As well as being qualified for the job you also have to consider the kind of trainer you want or need. What type of motivation do you respond best to? Are you in need of someone easy going, or is a drill sergeant the type of instructor that you need to push yourself towards your goals?

When shopping around for your personal trainer, you should see if any of them are offering special deals. Sometimes they have introductory prices where you can try a session to see how you go with them. You might even find a free first session and with this information you will be able to see if you mesh well with them.

When you have settled on the personal trainer that you want to help you, then you should discuss with them a program. You should have them devise the program with the exercises that will maximize your results. It is also a great idea to talk with them about the kinds of exercise that you like doing and see if they can incorporate some of those into the routine too.

Getting an East Bay personal trainer can help to motivate you towards your goals. It will also help to ensure that you are doing the right type of exercises to get the results that you want. A personal trainer may even reduce injury since you will be corrected in your technique. - 31828

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Zone Diet

By Cliff Pape

Barry Sears, a former researcher in biotechnology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, created the popular zone diet, a diet that condones eating calories from carbs, proteins, and fats in a balanced ratio. The Zone Diet works on the 40:30:30 ratio on calories eaten daily as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Though under slight scrutiny, some studies have been done to prove that the diet actually produces weight loss.

Sears got the name "The Zone" to describe proper hormone balance in the body, when the insulin levels are at a steady rate and glucagon levels are not elevated, anti-inflammatory chemicals are then released. These effects are similar to taking an aspirin, minus the side effects. Sears said the 30:40 ratio of proteins to carbs causes this to happen.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence to prove that eating in this manner affects hormone levels. The eventual goal is that the human body gets in caloric balance, thus eliminating the need to store excess calories and fat. It is impossible for the body to store and burn fat all at the same time, and Sears believes that it could take a significant amount of time to bring the body to such a state that using stored fat as a source of energy actually causes the weight loss.

Dr. Sears also provides another important feature of his diet in his later books. The intake of a specific ratio of Omega-3s to Omega-6s plays a key role in losing the weight. Dr. Sears is thought to have made the consumption of Omega-3 fish oils popular.

Sears describes a Zone meal as eating a protein potion the size of the palm of the hand and eating as many raw vegetables as desired. He says to eat as many carbs as needed to maintain mental clarity since the brain needs glucose, and to consume enough monounsaturated fats that hunger pangs are kept at bay.

Like many other diets, the Zone diet gets criticism from the best of them. The American Heart Association warns about the popularity of diets that get most of their calories from protein. They also pointed out that by allowing so much meat, there are risks of high amounts of saturated fat. Sears has discredited this theory, however.

In many of his books, Sears states a formula he has based on lean body mass and levels of activity to determine the appropriate daily consumption of protein. The amount though, differ in men and women.

One question still out there is that is the Zone diet really a low-carb diet or not. It does not restrict carbs as much as say the Atkins diet, Sears does point out that many low-carb diets do not efficiently get the job done, and states that they lack proper amounts of moderation and balance.

Dr. Sears has written several books that describe this diet plan in more detail, and using more specific examples of what the Zone diet really does for an individual. There are also quite a few celebrities who have been known to be followers of the Zone diet. The only way to tell if it works, however, is to try it for yourself. - 31828

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